About Emily

2018 U.S. National Championship 20th

2018 Midwest Championship 3rd

2018 Southwest Regional Championship 3rd

2017 Midwestern Championship 5th place- Senior

2017- International Challenge-6th- 

Team USA member.

2016 U.S. National Championship Juniors-


2016 Midwestern Championship Junior-


2016 Southwestern Regional Championship- Junior-1st.

2016 Challenge Skate Junior 1st.

2016 Summer Classic Junior 2nd. 

JGP Bratislava, Slovakia, 2016 Junior 6th

2015 Gardenia Troph, italy, Junior 2nd.

2015 US Figure Skating Championship Novice Champion.

2015 Midwestern Sectional Championship

Novice Champion

2015 Southwestern Championship 

Novice Champion

Emily is Honor Student at K12. 

Ice Skating, Rhythmic Gymnastic, Dancing, Arts, Performing. 


 Emily Chan is a renown Figure Skater, ever since she started when she was 5 years old. She is with Team U.S.A in figure skating.


 Emily is 12 grade honor student at K12 Online Preparatory School, which she graduated 1st in her Class and was valedictorian in 2015.